Dragon Ball Characters Focus Energy

Dragon Ball characters can focus their energy to a single spot to prevent planetary destruction as well as increase their destructive output. You can click the images below to make them larger.

focus_beam_2 focus_beam_1



Kid Buu Not Destroy Earth Mere Ten Times Over

Only in the English version of the Dragon Ball Z anime is Kid Buu’s energy attack stated to be able to destroy earth a mere ten times over. In the original manuscript (the manga/ Japanese comic) and also in the Japanese anime sub it’s never specified how much energy it is. Destroy the earth ten times is an error created by the English dub. The proof is down below.

KidBuuCantDeflect Click the image to make it larger.


Kili Problem

Frieza in his first form destroyed a planet with ten times earth’s gravity and mass with JUST ONE FINGER.
That was planet Vegeta. I can prove it happened in the manga as in the Bardock Special.


The problem is 1 Kili “SUPPOSEDLY” equals 50,000 battle power/ power level.

First form Frieza’s power level is only 530,000. This means First form Frieza has only 10.6 Kili yet destroyed a giant planet easily with one finger. However, at least 200 kili are required to destroy one planet. How did Frieza do so? It must mean that SMALLER PLANETS can be destroyed with less Kili than 200 or 300 hundred kilis.

Below is an image mentioning AT LEAST  200 Kilis are needed to destroy a planet from Dragon Ball Wiki.