Why Screw Attack Isn’t Believed About Goku’s Stats

Reason 1

The company that owns Dragon Ball Z printed a guidebook in the nineties CONFIRMING CELL CAN DESTROY THE SOLAR SYSTEM. This means Cell is already SEVERAL TIMES STRONGER than what screw attack said 4th form Goku is; and 2nd form Goku is STRONGER than Cell. This guidebook is part of a lot of hard to find Dragon Ball Z information that’s officially translated in only Japanese, Chinese, or Korean. English translations are rare. I posted it at the bottom of this page.

Reason 2

Akira Toriyama, the inventor and original author of Dragon Ball Z, wrote a timeline around 2008 that mentioned Goku and Vegeta having a fight on a distant planet to settle who was the strongest. They created supernova explosions during the fight as a mere side effect of battling each other in Age 801.

“Goku goes missing: realizing his death is imminent and wanting to settle their rivalry, Goku leaves the Earth with Vegeta for a final battle. Years later, supernova explosions are detected; they are assumed to be from Goku and Vegeta’s battle. ”

(Goku and Vegeta are dying old men at this point, so THE AUTHOR THINKS EVEN AS DYING OLD MEN , THEY CAN GENERATE SUPERNOVAS.) According to screw attack, Superman’s infinite mass punch, which equals one supernova, is too much for 4th form Goku. BUT THE AUTHOR OF DRAGON BALL Z SAYS OLD MAN GOKU CAN GENERATE SUPERNOVAS! Come on! Isn’t it obvious who’s wrong?

Reason 3

All of Screw Attack’s numbers don’t match what the author said his characters can do; and the author invented those characters, not screw attack with their fan fiction.

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(Super Saiyan Grade 5 was the original name of Super Saiyan 2 in Japan BEFORE Super Saiyan 3 had been invented.)

“Everything’s super!! Declare this invincible Saiya-Power!!”

“Super Saiyan Grade Five (Strongest Form). An aura with sparks like flashes of lightning and an upright, combative hairstyle are the distinguishing features of this, the strongest Saiyan warrior! One’s personality also becomes aggressive; even the ordinarily gentle Gohan started to enjoy battle! Its power is enough to push back even Cell’s energy bullet, which had enough force to blow away the Solar System!”

A Super Saiyan that has achieved a different evolution!!
Broli appeared in the movie “Burn Up!! A Red-Hot, Raging, Super Fierce Fight”. His final form resembles Super Saiyan Grade Three. But his speed is ultra first-class, and he could be called a Super Saiyan who has achieved a different evolution than Goku and the others!”


A Dragon Ball Z fan on the internet summed Screw Attack up this way.

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Baby Broly Survives Exploding Planet, Probably Faster Than Light

Although it’s not part of the manga source material, Broly in Dragon Ball Z movie 8 survives a planet exploding as a one day old baby. The infant creates a force field and flies away. Possibly he flew light years since he managed to get to another planet and survive.

Bukujutsu 40 Tons

It’s worth pointing out that it basically says the reason Goku’s weight training in Heaven was so effective was that he used Bukujutsu to float in midair as he used the weights, which made it much harder. It also says his image training/meditation was a means to raise his maximum ki, as muscle training has a limit. Toriyama mentioned there being limits to how much training your muscles could do and needing ki to overcome that limit in the book’s interview.


It’s unknown how much Goku can actually lift at this time.

Why Goku Couldn’t Teleport During Kid Buu Saga

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DBZ_Cosmos_teleport CosmosSphereDBZ

What you’re seeing is the cosmos sphere of Dragon Ball Z.

The big sphere contains heaven, hell, the realms of the ruling gods, the galaxies of the universe, and the dimension of the demon kings and evil gods.

The small sphere is a special universe outside of the normal space time where the creator gods (supreme kais) live.

During the Buu saga Goku didn’t have enough time to pinpoint an energy signature because it was too hard because he was trying to get to the creator god’s universe/dimension. Even teleporting to other galaxies and distant planets requires Goku to concentrate for several seconds, maybe even a full minute or more. However, teleporting within the solar system and across one planet is very easy for Goku too do; and he CAN do so rapidly with no difficulty.

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cell_teleport1 cell_teleport2 cell_teleport3 buu_teleport1 buu_teleport2

As you can see, luminal and superluminal beams are coming at Goku and he manages to teleport in time.

To see how fast beams are go to https://geeknerd22ducks.wordpress.com/2013/11/22/speed-of-dragon-ball-z-beams-and-reflexes/

Speed Of Dragon Ball Z Beams And Reflexes

In Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo, when he was a weakling and very slow compared to later characters, destroyed the moon with one beam. THE BEAM TOOK 2 SECONDS TO REACH THE MOON WHICH IS 240,000 MILES AWAY. THAT MEANS THE BEAM WAS  MORE THAN HALF AS FAST AS LIGHT AND LATER CHARACTERS ARE  AT LEAST SEVERAL THOUSAND TIMES FASTER.

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a1_piccolo_beam_moon_speed a2_piccolo_beam_speed_raditz_dodge a3_piccolo_beam_moon_speed_interview

The author of Dragon Ball Z explained in an interview that the moon is the same distance as in the real world. It came up when discussing the power pole, a magical extending rod and how far it could extend. Akira Toriyama (the author) said it could extend at least to the moon and stated the moon’s distance.

Image one shows the speed of Piccolo’s beam.

Image two shows that despite Piccolo’s beam speed, Raditz’s reflexes are faster than more than half the speed of light.

Image three shows the interview.

I should also mention that beam speed does vary, but it’s at max speed when the characters get serious about winning; and even max speed beams are dodged.

Archie Sonic Has Megaversal Power

These scans from the comic suggest that Archie Sonic characters have megaversal power. Millions of muti-verse zones are destroyed. At first it looks like zones within a mutiverse are destroyed. Then it clarifies that each Tails came from a different mutiverse. Scans below tell it all! You can click the scans to make them larger. The LAST SCAN indicates each is a MUTI-VERSE.

megaversal_sonic1 megaversal_sonic2 megaversal_sonic3 megaversal_sonic4